Dropped HP G62 laptop LCD has grey screen

This is a pic of the HP startup splash screen during POST. Blue and white color is HP logo.

Does this look like a broken LCD, damaged video cable or something else? It doesnt look like a broken LCD issue to me.

I dropped my laptop from about two feet high onto carpet. Now the LCD shows mostly solid grey with only a few horizontal lines that reveal part of the image that should be displayed (HP logo).

It will not boot to windows but I cant see the bottom of the screen to troubleshoot that issue.

I have tried connecting an external monitor, but when I press Fn+F4, it will not change. The F4 key has the monitor logo but when I press it alone it still wont change. I have tried several different methods of changing to the external monitor including closing the laptop, but none of them have any affect.

I suspect that the external monitor will not work because I am stuck in the POST.

Before I spend the money on a replacement LCD, I wanted to get another opinion.

I would hate to replace the LCD and still have the same problem.
Thanks in advance....
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  1. Hi :)

    Thats DEFINITELY new screen time, but it SHOULD work with an external...remove battery, press power button for 1 minute with no charger or battery connected, then reassemble all and try external again...you ARE pressing the CORRECT FUNCTION KEY for the external of course ?

    If still no external , you need a new screen PLUS whatever other damage you did :(

    Laptop repair shop for diagnosis is my best advice if so...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Brett,

    The F4 key has a symbol like this. |[ ]| that is clearly for the external monitor.
    I tried your hard reset suggestion but still get no display on the external when I press F4 or Fn+F4.
    It just wont work in POST.

    Now I'll order a replacement LCD. I have changed them before, but never saw one look like this.
    They usually have pattern like a broken mirror or pane of glass.

    Thanks for your help...
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