Direct X 8.1 - Is it worth installing the Beta?

Anyone know if it's worth installing the DX 8.1 Beta drivers? Is there anything to gain performance and stability wise?

Suposedly, the Radeon 8500 is built for it, so I was curious.

60 FPS, 70 FPS, 80 FPS Crash!
Daylight comes and I have to go to work :frown:
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  1. No probably not. Wait for dx9.0

    Another Cookie? Who is going to pay my dentist bill?
  2. Well is DX8.1 ever going to get out of beta?

    Or will we just see DX9 first?
  3. Of course there will be DirectX 8.1 final

    I'd say some time towards the end of the year. No real need before then, because there will be no games for it.
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