Blinking caps-lock and scroll lock LEDs

I got a dv7-1245dx from a friend cause they(2 of them actually) didn't work. And when I turn them on both of them have the scroll and caps LEDs blinking every 2-3 sec constantly and one pf them the dvd drive constantly tries to spin up and read. I swapped out the CMOS battery from one to another,replaced the ram with working ram from a differ laptop and also did hard resets. Still nothing, Any suggestions?
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  1. Hi :)

    The blinking is a harware error signal...probably dead motherboards... swap ram, remove hard drive, try external monitor....

    If still blinking , laptop repair shops for diagnosis (paid) or drop in bin..., you DID download the manual from HP of course to see what the number of blinks mean ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. well problem being there is no number of blinks before a pause all the blinks are around 3 sec apart,I did swap ram,tried external monitor,and they have no HDD.
  3. check there power bricks...may be bad...low voltage. also check the bricks make sure the tips are not damaged or missing any rubber o-rings (dead short). also check the mb power pins...if there snapped or lose...dead short.
  4. The brick is a brand new 90W universal from newegg. I know its not the brick cause also tried it a few months ago with a friends brick and it did the same thing and his was a 90W also.
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