Cleaning a Current Virus

First symptom was that all google search result was redirected to some weird website. I had to copy/paste the URL to another tab in order to go to the site.

Second symptom is that I can connect to antivirus websites but when it comes to downloading, right before I get a chance to download it says, "cannot connect to web page."

Please help!

I tired adaware since it was already on my computer but it didnt clean it up. This virus also wont let me update the actual software either, says, "cannt connect to update server"
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  1. google rkill (kills unfamiliar processes). it has 4 different options in case the virus won't let you run a .exe or go to a website.

    then download malwarebytes, install and update. run the scan and it should find the virus. malwarebytes will quarantine the virus, so go to the quarantine tab and delete everything inside

    hope that helps!
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    Follow the guide in my signature.
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  4. thanks guys.
  5. You're welcome!

    Thanks for the vote :)
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