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yesterday when i was copying some movies to my usb drive from laptop,after copying when i removed my pendrive, i have realised that it was broken and some pieces of it was stuck in usb port of my lappy.
then i tried to remove that thing using a metal skrewdriver but unknowingly i have shorted usb of my lappy and it suddenly went off, after some time when i turned it on every thing fine and working normally,But i am just afraid that i might had damaged something that will cause the problem in future.
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  1. OK thanks for the story. I am sorry you are now afraid. Do you have a question about this for us?
  2. i just want to know if i had damaged something in my lappy, cause i had a desktop before and after shorting it had worked fine for a month then it lead to hd failure, then i replaced it with a new one but, immediately 2 days after even the new drive stopped working, one of my friend told that some voltage regulator on the motherboard got damaged during the short of usb which is leading to hd failure.
    so i just want to something similar thing happened now with my lappy? is there a way to diagnose it? AND sorry for my bad english.
  3. There is no way we can tell. Maybe you really damaged your computer or maybe it just overloaded it briefly.

    There is no way we can tell what happened inside of your computer. A 5 volt rail in your system isn't the largest, but if you connect it directly to ground, it could cause you some issues. Unfortunately, you will just have to wait and see. You should never stick metal screw drivers into your computer. Use something else.
  4. sorry, but what do you mean by connecting it directly to the ground?
  5. When you put your screw driver into the USB port, you most likely made a connection between the 5 volt wire and the ground of the computer.
  6. Well at the very least you may have learned a lesson from this. Never stick anything metal into any of your ports. If you do need to do something like that at the very least pull the power cord and remove the battery BEFORE you even try to fix it. That said most modern motherboards have short protection built in so you should be ok but there is no way to be 100% sure.

    And if this has happened to you before on a desktop what would lead you to think that sticking a metal screwdriver into the usb port would be a good idea anyway? Sorry but there should been a lesson learned the first time.
  7. u r mobo is not damage by doing this. my experience : insert my pendrive in a desktop my pendrive not detected then check in other system same because desktop front usb port wires are demaged that spoil my pendrive but that desktop work fine.
  8. don't afraid. who know the future so now r u ready to buy new laptop. lol.
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