Frozen cursor in middle of screen

hi i have a acer aspire 5532 and the cursor has froze in the middle of screen i have tried system restore i have tried fn + f7
i cannot download drivers as cannot get into anything that requires mouse movement
please advise i am writing this off my other laptop
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  1. Hi,
    1) Can you navigate the BIOS?

    2) Does the TRACKPAD work (unhook the mouse to test)?

    If you can get into the BIOS then it may be a simple software issue. In which case:

    3) Burn an UBUNTU disc and boot to it (obviously use another computer to make it). Don't install, just run from the disc. If the mouse works fine here then your problem is either Windows software corruption OR an issue with the trackpad/mouse).

    *If Ubuntu doesn't startup you may need to enter your BIOS and change the BOOT ORDER so the DVD drive is first before the hard drive.
  2. Also try plugging in a mouse to see if you can move the cursor after you do that if you have a spare USB mouse. (assuming you were using trackpad, so opposite of number 2 that photonboy posted)
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