Connecting to a domain kills aero

hi there all,

something very odd is happening although i think its something very simple;

windows 7 aero does not work, the specs of the machine are over kill to get it to work, and it does work when i log onto the machine locally, however, when i log on to the domain be it with my user with admin rights or a limited "fresh" user, the same problem occurs. i only installed windows 7 on the domain to use the aero and i cant use it.

im guessing theres something in on the server thats stopping dwm.exe from working properly, or that the profile wont download from the server (because it does not exist) i have tried copying the default profile into the network version, but no joy, atleast i thought it was the profile (c:\users\*******) i might be wrong on that though, maybe theres another supper profile, thats in the windows folder, i dont know!

or do i need to run a script at login to tell it where to look for the aero effects or something? when i run the diagnostics on aero it tells me desktop windows managers is not running but i have checked the services and it claims to be and it also states the theme doesnt run aero, however, it does.

please can someone help me, i can get logs, profile examples anything you need.


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  1. A Windows domain controller can specify "group policy" which can disable or enable a huge number of UI features on any system that's a member of the domain. Check with your domain administrator to see what their policy configuration is.
  2. i am the technician of the computer on this network, i think it would be a bad idea to start messing with the gpos, is there any way to force them to not work on my machine.
  3. To the best of my knowledge, not if it's in the domain.
  4. The minute you connect to a domain the domain GPO will kick in, no way around it.
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