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I've build my own PC with some help from you guys, thanks its been running great since Dec. I need to buy/build/get a server for small business. Ease of use being the biggest factor for me as I'm not an IT pro. It needs to backup 2to5 PCs, network to share files, printer, be able to share files with outsiders and limit their ability to only their files. Did some reading and finding that I might be able to do it myself but my budget for my Co is small give take $1,000. Right now I mirror the hard drives when I can/remember and could use Lockbox to exchange files, not there just yet. This is easiest/cheapest way I can do it but a pain and seems like a waste of $ as client base grows. So far the servers of interest for my ability WD sentinel DX4000 & Lacie 5big office. But I still don't know if they will work and or be easy enough for me to use. I'm not interested in the cloud at all. Would like to be able to simply unplug the server and have all my files right ,not some where, where maybe they own my docs or have rights to them build into their agreement. My docs include social security #s. Current suggested readings would be helpful too. Seems some "reviews" are just advertising in disguise.

Thanks for any help

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  1. Sounds to me like you're looking for a NAS solution rather than a traditional server.
  2. Need.real server based on some sales discussion I had today
  3. ok I don't seem to be giving any feed back sooo if I change the question maybe it would be better. Server OS choice between small business server 2011 or a linux os sorry I don't know a linux brand/kind looking for something easy to use
  4. Do you need all the extras that are included with SBS? From your original post it would appear that you're just looking for a file server, in that case I can't see the point of getting SBS, a standard 2008 R2 installation would be sufficient.

    As for Linux, if you don't have any experience with the platform then I wouldn't recommend using it.
  5. My biggest, right now, need is to be able to transfer files securely between myself and my clients and backup PCs. Near future would be website and maybe email. I understand both of these would be diff for me to do but if I last that long I would end up hiring someone to do it, website I was told easiest way would be to use WordPress hosted by go daddy. So if a cloud storage is $500 at 25 clients to $1000 at 50 client per year seems a sever would pay for itself be unlimited and I have control.
  6. do you want to run this network as a domain?
  7. I'm led to believe SBS is being discontinued so I don't recommend doing that. Microsofts replacement is the cloud based Office 365. With the E3 plan you also get a sharepoint server which would give you flexibility to share files directly with clients.
  8. I really don't really want to use the cloud very unsure of security. serve 2008r2 be better m my technology knowledge is not what it should be for server purpose thanks for all the help to bring me upto speed so far. Just read that they will flip you from 2011 to 2012 soo that sounds good yes
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