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I've encountered a huge problem installing Windows.

I decided to clean up my laptop. So I cleaned up my SSD and HDD with the Killdisk program.
Now when I try to install Windows XP, 7 or 8 (Does not matter wich) from either USB or DVD it starts but stays stuck at the pulsating windows logo with "starting windows". This is after the "Loading windows files" screen. This happends even when I do it it safe-mode.

Any help?
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  1. Have you tried reformatting during the OS install? W7 doesn't allow a full format only a "quick". I'd try installing XP where you can do a complete reformat. Once XP is installed you can upgrade as desired.
  2. I "formatted" using Killdisk from Dos. If I try to install a windows version (8, 7, vista, xp it does not matter) they all get stuck after the loading files screen with the pulsating windows logo.
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