Should I get this laptop? HP G7-2233CL

I need to get a laptop for a friend who has fairly low requirements -- mostly editing in Word Perfect, web, email and some very light photo editing/storage.

Looking at this laptop, HP G7-2233CL for $400.00 She'd consider it a good choice if it worked well for a year or two.

Anyone have any experience of this or very similar box? CPU any good? AMD A8-4500M

Firmware rotten? Hardware unreliable?

Thanks for your opinions, I can not seem to find much on the web.
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  1. I personally don't like HP, but that's just a preference. The A8-4500M is a very stout CPU. The main reason people get the A series CPU's is for the APU.

    An A8 for $400 is a great buy. I picked up my Toshiba Satellite A8-4500M for $380 from Best Buy and invested another $50 for new RAM.
  2. Thanks for your response. The deal timed out before my friend made up her mind, but it's good to know this is a burly processor, for future hunting.

    My last HP laptop died due to the solder welds on the graphic processor, a known fault with the line (ZV5000US) that HP didn't acknowledge or fix. That box was over $1500! Man. I've gone to desktops since, and Intel processors from AMD, but, for my next laptop, for heavy photo processing and storage, on the road, will look more carefully at AMD processors...probably a higher line than this if available.
  3. There are a couple more options that have A8's that are around this price point. Best Buy is really pushing them at a good price.

    Check out this search HERE.
  4. She decided to go with a tablet. Apples were out of the question due to their designed limitations for running various software. Her choice was an Asus TF700t. We'll have to see how well it holds up, there are (as for all things) mixed reports!

    Update, tablet came today, let's see how she likes it.
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