Stumped on 8500 vs. GF3

I'm in the process of getting a new system together, but I just don't know which vid card to go with. The system's main use will be 3d graphics work in Lightwave, so it needs good OpenGL performance. My budget caps off around the GeForce 3, so the highend 3d cards are out.

I'm looking at the Elsa GeForce3 and the ATI RADEON 8500. I've kept up with most of the 8500 posts since it came out so I'm familiar with the issues (drivers, debated "cheating" etc.) I think it has great potential and features if quality drivers will be made available. The ELSA is appealing because of it's proven stability and performance.

Compatibility will have to be with the following:
Tyan Tiger K7MP REV 3
Dual MP 1800+
512 DDR REG ECC Corsair
Hercules GTXP
WIN 2k

Has anyone seen good 3d benches of these (or similar) cards for 3d (non-game) apps?
Had success/problems with a similar configuration?

Which way would you go?

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  1. from your rig setup i can see you read alot, win2k and non XP, also i see you dont have a money issue.
    in that case go for the ELSA G3 card, untill you get you money value for the ATI card, once all the add-ons and special functions will be turned on(and working properly) you have to wait for them to hit mainstream..bla..bla..and all the usual crap.
    while the G3 offers stability, performance(at some cases better then the ATI one's).

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  2. Open GL doesn't appear to be the Radeon 8500's Strong point... however it wasn't the strong point of Nvidia for a while either. I'd wait for the new drivers, and then see.

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  3. again your not getting your monies worth by getting the card now then, but when the working drivers come out, by then the price should drop somewhat.
    for the G3 you know what your getting now, not some unclear future for your new rig.

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  4. A week is hardly unclear. If ATI doesn't get it right next week, then the potential of the Radeon 8500 isn't worth it.

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