Virus wont let me download antivirus

Cannot download any programs
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  1. Can you access another computer and load an antivirus/malware cleaner onto a USB and move that to the infected one and run the scan like that? (either run in windows or from boot up)
  2. Start computer in safe mode. Download antivirus. Run antivirus.
  3. from another pc make a hirem boot cd and run the anti virus programs from hirem boot cd.
  4. Go onto another computer, and download malwarebytes and a good antivirus to a flash drive and copytem to your systems folder. Most likely this virus is stopping the download request based on port 80, so if you have all the files, you should be able to download it locally. Then after that, spend all of your waking hours tracing and locating the virus's sender, and become skilled in the art of H4CK5 and rDDoS the IP. Or not.
  5. Kaspersky Rescue CD is free to download. It was only one I tried that successfully removed the fakeav trojan a couple years ago.
  6. download it on another computer, then copy it to the infected computer via stick.
  7. smorizio said:
    from another pc make a hirem boot cd and run the anti virus programs from hirem boot cd.

    I think it's against the rules to discuss hirem.
  8. seriousgamer said:
    I think it's against the rules to discuss hirem.

    Hi :)

    No its OK now as its free...

    All the best Brett :)
  9. Logon in Safe Mode with Networking to download the antivirus, or scan the system with online antivirus.. you may get better results than scanning in normal mode. While in Safe Mode and before you scan, disable startup programs in Start\Run or Search bar and type "msconfig" (no quotes), press Enter and in the Startup tab, uncheck all processes including the installed antivirus which may be infected. Be sure to re-enable the antivirus before loging on in normal mode.

    Online antivirus Scanners
  10. A virus will try to keep you from running anything that will remove it.

    Can you boot in safe mode and use system restore to restore your pc back to a date before you contracted the virus.
  11. Transfer an effective antivirus tool to your computer by using a USB drive:
  12. If all else fails nuke form orbit :P

    Just love nuking XD
  13. Buy Antivirus from market and simply install it from the CD ROM
  14. ardeare: "Cannot download any programs"

    --> to save us the risk of wasting time you need to expand on this i.e. what - exactly! -makes you think this is a virus.....give us more info.

    There are other reasons for not being able to download.
  15. u have working internet connection. download avg freeware install this full computer scan. download superantispyware pro((trial)) full scan.
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