Need advice with gaming laptop

i will be buying a gaming laptop by the next week. its going to be MSI mostly.
i have 2 choices
1. msi gt70 (i7-3610 12gb ram, GTX675M, 17.3" FullHD) - 1250$ (buying it off a friend)
2. msi gx60 (a10-4600m apu, 8gbram, 7970M, 15.6" FullHD) - 1200$

i am looking to go for the second option. as the GPU is far superior. but the thing is the CPU is pretty weak.

the main purpose of this laptop would be Gaming and Recording. i know this laptop can run almost any game on pretty high specs. but i doubt the CPU will be able to record the gameplay at even 720p 60fps. ram wont be an issue at all. 8gb is more than enough for gaming and i could upgrade that in future.

does any one have idea about this CPU. will it bottle neck while recording?

if anyone got any other gaming laptop suggestions around 1200$ please let me know
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  1. If you're looking to record on a laptop, then I think that getting a decent i7 QM model (that indicates quad core instead of dual core) could be important.
  2. From my experience, any computer without a dedicated video capture card will reduce performance greatly due to all the recording and conversion is put on the CPU as well as the game you are playing is. If you have a dedicated video capture card, it won't lag or reduce performance much at all since the card is taking on all the recording and conversion work. If you are simply recording while playing the game on a laptop without a video capture card, you should expect your performance to be much lower and probably will experience much lower frame rate.
  3. The problem with the a10 cpu is that it is weak and will bottleneck many games. Look at the notebookcheck review. They found that a10 +7970m was only 10% faster than a much cheaper i7 + 660m. Some games such as hitman or gw2 on high settings were unplayable. This advice is even more important if you are going to be recording your games (high cpu load).

    a used gt70 is frankly not worth than much used (1050 tops) (computers are like cars, they lose a lot of value as soon as you open the package).
  4. @Immoral Medic i guess recording ingame is an entirely cpu based process. Well thats what i heard from atleast a dozen of people.
    @whyso thanks for the info. i know used laptops are not much of value. but there is no chance of getting a Gt70 under 1100$. i have been looking for Gt70 from past 40 days. The notebooks initial price was 1299$(when launched) but then it shot upto 1599$(atm).
    i wont be able to makeup more than 1250$
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