AGP 2x card in P4 4X Mobo?

I have scoured ATI and Intel sites in vain. I have an ATI XPERT 128 2X APG card. I just bought an Intel D850GB mobo, and the manual says it must be a 1.5 volt card (as if there are other types?). I know a 4X card can be used in a 2X mobo, but can't for the life of me find out for certainty if the damn card is 1.5 volts or not.



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  1. Yea your ok. All current mobos that support 4x also support 2x and 1x agp cards.

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  2. Actually, it did NOT work. The new 4X APG slot does not take older boards. The slot is reversed now so that the longer end is towards the back of the case. The new cards have two slots in them now so that they can work with both AGP slots. I bought a Radeon 8500 and am happy with it.
  3. Uh Beavis...

    I'm not following that. Are you sure you aren't mistaking an AGP Pro Slot for an AGP 4x slot?
  4. My friend, a small computer hardware shop owner told me that all P4 mobo don't work with old 2x agp card.
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