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Long story short ... My computer locked up last week and would not reboot to
XP Pro. It would get as far as the start up window. After about one minute
of blue pot movement below the logo, the system would lock up. Ran an IBM
systems diagnostic and everything checked out. At one restart I got a blue
screen and Windows ran a scan disk and found a bad sector. CHKDSK through
the Recovery Console would stop at 10% and lock up. IBM said switch out the
board, so I did. No change. IBM says reformat and reload. I was not ready to
give up. Did a FIXBOOT through the Recovery Console and the message said,
"boot sector was corrupt". Now I get, "NTLDR is missing". Created a bootdisk
and get, "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or
corrupt: \windows\system32\hal.dll". Tried to copy a new hal.dll from CD in
the Recovery Console to c:\windows\system32\ and get "ACCESS DENIED." Will
try from 3.5" diskette when able. Did a FIXMBR, but still no change. DIR in
the Recovery Console gives me, "The volume in drive C has no label, The
volume Serial Number is 0000-0000, Directory of C:\, No matching files were

I hope I am on track to recovery. I am concerned that if I reestablish
hal.dll, another file will be missing and again another until I replace
nearly the whole system32 directory or such. Got a preloaded OS and did not
take time to make a recovery disk.

Any thoughts?
Is it time for some forensic software?

No Ready to Give up!
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?)

    I would say you need to regroup! Couple of items:

    1. "hal.dll" missing is the message generated when the system is trying to
    boot from a partition, or drive, which does not have Windows installed - but
    a windows installation exists on another drive or partition. Generally if
    the drive is not recognized or there is no OS in stalled a "no operating
    system" is displayed.

    2. You did not mention at what stage (out of five) CHKDSK would not
    complete. Two most common stages are a. checking file data and b. checking
    free space. Both indications of SERIOUS hard drive problems.

    3. No mention about trying XP repair. Borrow XP CD - set BIOS to boot from
    CD - Bypass first repair option (recovery console) and continue with setup
    if setup finds an installation of XP it will state so - at this point if
    setup does not indicate finding an XP installation but presents dialogue
    about installation location - if it does find the XP it will ask if you want
    to repair - select Ok/Yes - from this point it will seem as if a standard
    installation is taking place. If setup does not indicate

    4. Taking into consideration item #2 and if there is failure to detect an
    XP installation per item #3 - well -!!!!
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