Playing your console through you monitor?

Does anyone have any experience of running a console(N64, PS2, or likewise) throught their tv/ tuner. Is the quality very good, or even better than on a TV? Also could i use my monitor as a type of HDTV? I have a 21" viewsonic that i use as my TV? Also whats the best TV tuner (TV Wonder, or personal cinema or something else?)
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  1. I ran my playstation through my Radeon AiW that I had for a short while. I found that it magnified the graphical distortion and wasn't as crisp as it was on a good TV, or even some bad ones.

    Might be different with some of the newer systems though.

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  2. Actually the monitor display is far more crisp than a Television display. Television has a much higher dotpitch
    and lower resolution. Maybe you didn't configure something right. I've hooked up a console to a monitor and found it to increase the detail and look much better than a TV.

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  3. It might have just been the game I played, or the fact that it was an old PSX. Newer consols might have a beter display.

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  4. Well, I'm sure it was configured fine. Since a monitor is such a drastic change in dotpitch, it shows the PSX as how it is. Think of the TV as a type of anti-aliasing. =)

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