Windows Vista 32 bit Ultimate to OEM Windows 7 64 bit pro

I am having some major issues installing windows 7 64 bit Professional OEM

Hello everyone, I browsed through the forum and have had no success in finding an answer to the issue that I am currently experiencing.

I have a custom built computer that I am updating to more modern hardware and OS.

I have currently 1 hard drive with Vista 32 bit ult. I also have 1 blank hd that I would like to put windows 7 64 bit on.

I have configured the bios to boot from DVD-rom and disconnected the old HD with Vista on it.

But it only reads the DVD about 1 out of 20 times. On the 3 times that I have gotten it to the start up process, it has told me that it is unable to use the hard drive based on the fact that it is not a properly formatted hard drive.

I find this to be odd. I have formated it in Vista for NTFS the same way 3 times, in the win 7 installation 3 times it has come up with three different types of format issues. Suggestions please...

Your input would greatly help.

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  1. Current hardware:

    CPU: intel core2 duo @ 2.66 usually overclocked @ 3.44
    RAM: Patriot Viper DDR2 pc8500 4 x 2gb sticks
    HHD: 2 Hitatchi 7200 RPM 320gb (1 blank)
    Graphics Card: Asus Dark Knight engts 250
    MOBO: gigabyte GA-ep45-ud3p
    Power supply: Antec 500 true watt

    Can't really think anything else is that important

    will post more if more data is requested...

    Thanks in advance
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    The OEM version looks for a new unformatted drive. Reconect the Vista drive for the time being and delete the partition, then start again with the single bare drive.
  3. Thanks, I now am having another problem... I decided to buy two new hard drives and make it a raid system.... maybe i should give up on this it seems to be causing me more head ache than its worth atm!

    I will try to do this with the new HD's and report back thanks for your suggestion.
  4. If your using a burned Windows disk toss it in the trash and buy a real one.
  5. @daship

    please read the title of the post. you can see that I am working with an OEM version of windows 7 64
  6. Got it working thanks for your help. any suggestions on how to set up a raid for this system?
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  8. thanks for the link, I have given up on setting up a RAID at this moment.... I don't know how to get my keyboard to register my key strokes in DOS and have given up after hours of trying. For now i am using my HHD's normally. IF anyone has experience setting up a Gigabyte mobo for a RAID configuration, please help.

    Its asking me to press control + g, which i do, to enter setup and it is not registering...
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