2 questions, need some advice please

First, the easy but extremely annoying one. I just reset two of my systems, clean installs, and on both of them, I can't get into the monitor power management settings. Basically, I'm stuck with a 15 minute shutdown, and can't alter it, which is highly annoying. I've gone into the BIOS, on both motherboards, and disabled all power management, to no effect. I'm flummoxed, because I reformat/reinstall my system about every three months, and have never encountered this before. When I go into power mgmt., there just isn't a pull down for the monitor at all, and when I go into my adapter advanced settings, the box where it says energy start compliant is checked and greyed, so I can't affect a change there either.

Any ideas would be great!

Second question: I just put together a new system:
1.4 T-Bird
MSI K7T266 Pro2, high performance defaults, all memory timings minimized, running an FSB at 133.
512 Crucial P2100
WD 7200rpm 20g in UDMA mode 4 (ata/66)
Asus GeForce 2 GTS and a Xtasy GeForce2 GTS-V (btw, is this expected to be worse than a regular GTS chipset?)
DirectX 8.0a

I'm getting acceptable memory benchmarks from SiSoft Sandra2001, about 780/980

But with 3DMark2001, I'm getting a 3222 on the GTS, and a 2752 on the GTS-V :(

The *average* for this chipset on a 1.4 athlon is about 3800, and my box should be putting out at least that, if not a good deal higher than 'average'.

Any ideas why I'm getting such poor scores?

Again, I'd be grateful for any suggestions.:)
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  1. Get a real PC, Might I suggest Intel based next time.

    Chipset drivers and bios update or call mobo maker. Until then enjoy your problemed machine with poor scores.
  2. <<Get a real PC, Might I suggest Intel based next time.

    Chipset drivers and bios update or call mobo maker. Until then enjoy your problemed machine with poor scores.>>

    Wow, did you think that post up all by yourself, or did you need your sister to help you out?

    Go troll another thread.
  3. Powermangement settings should be under the Screen saver. If it's not enabled, make sure you get the most up to date MoBo drivers.

    As for the scores, you need to go by Video card more than CPU. THat's what drives 3DMark than more than the CPU

    Chesnuts roasting on an open CPU
    Bill Gates nipping at your wallet
  4. As for your first problem: Have you checked the monitor itself? it may have a swithc on it somewhere (or in the saoftware menu perhaps) that enables and disables power saving functions. My old Dell monitor had one of these.

    But if the power save is coming on after 15 minutes of non-use, is that a problem?

    Can't help with the latter problem, sorry.

    Topher Bear

    Don't wait for tomorrow! Live for Today! :-)
  5. I'm wondering if it's my vid driver that's shutting down my monitor option, just realized that I changed det. drivers recently. Under SiSoft Sandra, video info, it's listing the energy saver enabled. I think that might be why I have a greyed out checkbox in the adapter settings.

    As for buying a new vid card, that isn't really the issue. I'm not looking to score 5000+, I'm only looking to get out of my current cards what I should. There must be a reason that I'm getting over 500 points below the average when comparing to other rigs with similar layouts. Like I said, my box is hardly average, just trying to troubleshoot the issue.
  6. answered my first question. It was my vid card driver that was auto-locking me into energy saver. Least that's one down :)
  7. Check this: do you have the right monitor drivers loaded (not video, monitor)?? Or does it just say "plug and play monitor"

    And hey fuzzer or fugger or whatever you name was up there...I have an approximately $3000 AMD machine at home that smoke checks the $5000 Intel Xeon I have here at work. Dont go cracking off at the mouth about concepts you obviously don't understand especially when someone has politely asked for help. Dick.
  8. Hmm, almost sounds as if it did not realize that your monitor has power saving abilities, which is odd...

    Do you have drivers for your monitor? Maybe installing those could help, although it should be something that the computer should recognize automatically.
    Also, make sure that you have ACPI enabled in the BIOS, and APM disabled, and in the power management options also select the OS takes care of power management.

    Maybe some of this may help.
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