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Laptop memory question

hi all,
just a quick question. i have a friends laptop....a LogiQ that is using windows vista and only 1gb of memory, yes u know the problem already.

so vista takes up so much resources and 1gb is not enough to run the system smoothly and now having memory crashes.

the laptop uses some memory called rendition and is 533mhz ddr2.

i have some samsung memory that is also ddr2 but it is 800mhz, now i know that if the system can only take 533 the 800mhz will be lowered to 533.

my problem is that i cannot find any details on this laptop about memory, i have no idea if this memory will be compatible or damage any components as i usually go from the qvl list. would it be ok to test this memory without it damaging any components..

many thanks
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    Hi :)

    No harm to try...

    Try it WITH the other ram...

    If not try it on its own...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Brett928s2,

    Thank you for spending your time to answer my question.

    With your answer i went ahead and it accepted it perfectly and also running at the 800MHz rating.

    thanks for your quick response
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