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radeon 8500 or gf3 ti200?

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November 19, 2001 3:32:50 AM

My price range is 190-225 for my vid card.
(i found a retail 8500 for 225 at

I am torn between a gainward gf3 ti 200 and the radeon 8500.

My computer:
win xp pro
ecs k7s5a + athlon xp 1600+
512 mb pc2100 ddr ram
60gb 7200rpm
sb audigy mp3+

I do not know which vid card to get. The Radeon should be worlds better than the mere gf3 TI200, but so many seem to be telling me to go with the geforce soon will the 8500 be optimal?

I really would like to get the 8500...but i am very worried about compatibility problems....The machine is more a business: 2d/3d graphics, web development, programming, but i plan to do a small amount of seroius gaming.


thank you for your time...


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November 19, 2001 3:35:36 AM

i would go with the radeon 8500 hundreed for it performance and the features that it has
November 19, 2001 3:54:05 AM

If you're doing a lot of 2D stuff as well (2D graphics, 3D graphics that are cpu rendered, programming etc...) then go for the 8500. Better image quality.

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November 19, 2001 4:19:59 AM

The Radeon 8500 already has improved drivers released last week. Most people who recommend the ti200 do so because of their own bias towards nVidia. The 8500 is a much better card, it's already beginning to overtake the ti500, and ATI is continuing to improve drivers.

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November 19, 2001 9:06:35 AM

radeon 8500 for sure!
November 19, 2001 11:46:36 AM

I'd get the 8500 if I were you. I'm kinda in the "money is no object" mindset with video cards so I'm running a Ti500 (overclocked till you can cook an egg).

If you can find a Ti200 with 3.8ns memory that would probably be a better choice, but otherwise the 8500 has more bells and whistles for the same price and performance as a Ti200.
November 19, 2001 12:01:56 PM

He is running xp, ati's xp drivers are [-peep-].

Got to go with the ti200. Anyone disagree? Do I have to dig up 100 links to winxp ati driver instability?

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November 19, 2001 12:35:08 PM

Is that true with the newer drivers though? I've also seen instability of Nvidia cards in XP anyway.

I like the 8500. Better performance than a TI-200, and same price.

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November 19, 2001 3:57:35 PM Radeon 8500 Retail is not a true Radeon 8500 Retail card, it is a PowerMagic Retail Radeon 8500. You can read the review here:

<A HREF="" target="_new">PowerMagic Radeon 7500 and 8500 Review</A>

I've bought from before and got something different then what I expected due to there tricky advertising. I bought a GF2 MX400 which I thought had video out since on Ebay that is what showed but it wasn't. Just heads up, the PowerMagic does look like a good card but it is clocked at 250/250 like the average Radeon 8500oem.

Get a Ti200 at BestBuy this Friday if there upcoming brochure is not changed. You will be able to get it for $99 which is the best deal this year for video cards I know of (that is if it happens). Otherwise I would recommend the Radeon 8500oem for the same price of the Ti-200. The Radeon 8500oem will eat it up for lunch now with the new drivers and will even get hotter as time goes on and will even beat the Ti-500 on a number of benchmarks.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by noko on 11/19/01 01:02 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
November 19, 2001 4:47:07 PM

The 250/500 clocked 8500 OEM's can spank the Ti200's now.

Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
November 20, 2001 12:58:53 AM

I think so too, except if you can get a Ti-200 for $99 I will have to recommend that for the best bang for the buck in which I am going for if I can find one around here during the 5 hour sell at Best Buy from 7:00am to 1:00pm. :smile: If not then I will get a Radeon 8500 after Christmass when the Retail will be in the low $200 range hopefully.
November 20, 2001 9:33:29 AM

If he can get it stable in xp that is.

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November 21, 2001 9:44:18 PM

Umm dude stop spewing sh1t. I have XP and my OEM 8500 runs fine. Some people are having problems but it isn't everyone you smacked as$.

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November 22, 2001 12:43:26 AM

Some people are having problems=not 100% stable, duuh.

Its not spewing [-peep-] its informing the guy of potential problems with his future purchase, I didnt say, DONT EVER BUY ATI, I said wait and see if they get the drivers stable, now run along.

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November 22, 2001 12:43:57 AM

PS: the only one spewing sh1t is you.

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