Schematic drawings C855DS5320 Toshiba satellite

Been trying to remove/bypass/reset registered supervisor password on the C855DS5320 satellite laptop as my system? crashed after attempting to restore to OOB status and I inadvertently shut off laptop before the entire recovery had been completed. Next time turned it on, got error message after Toshiba splash screen "No bootable device...Please restart system" then upon restart and entering password to boot, upper left corner of screen showed words "Checking media" "[Fail]" et et etc.

Growing exceedingly frustrated and p'sd with all of the website BS...I know there has to be a way of resolving this issue without having to ship my less than two month old Toshiba satellite computer back to Toshiba tech-heads when I am pretty sure they can supply me with the 'back door' password to remedy all of my issues. Please, buying this laptop nearly broke me and now that it is unusable it has created a financial drain on my funds. I need honest, good advice and instructions to fix this problem.

Please, won't someone help me??

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