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I'm researching the kind of Ultrabook that I'll want. something that will be very effective for my school's network upgrade. long story short, my school's freshmen will get ipads, optional for upperclassmen.

I'm a junior in high school that's obsessed with computers and technology.

my ideal specs:
windows 8 - not RT or IOS
touch screen - best for win8
keyboard + mouse/trackpad - not always touchscreen
8 hrs battery life - 7hrs of school each day, limited outlets, may be used for work
128+GB SSD - I have a desktop for storage, I can live with less
8GB RAM - plenty of multitasking
USB 3.0 x 2 - usb drive
1600x900 or 1920x1080 resolution - needs good pixel density
strong construction - I'm worried about accidents
preferably a user replaceable battery - in case I need to replace a worn out battery
- video out
- or widi if it's cost-effective for just monitors

what would these specs currently cost me? I'm looking to spending a decent amount on this when the next generation is released with haswell.

any other ideas are welcome

I'm planning to get my resume out for entry-level IT jobs so I can save for this. (first job, internship)
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  1. I will need a mobile device management suite, what is it and how do I put it on windows 8? will the school be controlling my computer? can I work out a way so the school isn't regulating my every action on the computer?
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