Best 2d aside from Matrox... GF3 or Radeon 8500?

I really need to get a _good_ video card for my new 19" monitor. I want the best 2d quality outside of a Matrox card. I will be running at 1280x1024 or higher, and do not like blurry or fuzzy text! My choices are the Leadtek GF3 or a retail Radeon 8500. I am skeptical about the Radeon becuase of ATI's track record with their drivers. I am also leary of the Leadtek becuase I have heard the GF3's dont have the best 2d image quality. I need your wisdom!!


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  1. I read somewhere, that one of the GF3 cards is supposed to have better filtters and hence image quality comparable to Matrox cards. I think it was one of the WinFast line from ?, but I can't remember where I read it, so I can't check.
  2. Check out this review by AnAndTech:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">GF3 card roundup, image quality comparison also</A>

    Only one card was able to match the ATI Radeon in 2d quality out of all the GF3's and that was the GainWard Golden Sample GF3.

    Now the newer Titanium GF3's I am not sure about but at the LeadTek GF3 TI-500 had better 2d then the Matrox G400, review here:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Now at NVnews (nvidiot) site a number of owners of the LeadTek GF3 Winfast TI-500 says that the quality of the 2d will vary, and that LeadTek sent FiringSquad a good sample. I don't know myself.

    The ATI 8500 has the same or slightly better 2d quality of the Radeons which is excellent for clarity and color. I myself am weary of a Nvidia 2d quality due to having a MX400 in wich the 2d clarity is poor at higher resolutions and the color is just plain out and out faded compared to my Radeon. Plus I have a friend who has a GF2 in which its 2d is just plain out and out terrible. Just remember these are the older cards of Nvidia and doesn't represent the new Titanium series.
  3. I would go Radeon heck ATi's 2d can match Martox's 2d. Well i would say GainWard is also a good company.

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
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