Stay with 98SE for a while longer

With the problems that occur with some games in WinXP, even 2 years old, I am building a gaming PC with 98SE as the O/S.

This way I can save money also as you can buy OEM 98SE for $50 ($190 for XP Home).

Later, I will duel boot and instal the new Win Longhorn O/S.

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  1. Same here. One I built in Feb, I put 98se for those reasons. I think I'll stay with it until new games are no longer compatible. I tried out xp briefly a couple days ago, man is it sloow (on a machine w/Barton 2500, NF7-7 and 512 pc 3200 ram)

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  2. Problem is I can't get some of my peripherals to work under XP that's why I'm still running 98SE.

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  3. Ditto!!!

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  4. Must be something wrong with your system. I have an athlon 1.4 with 512 mem running xp pro and it runs just fine.
  5. Sure, but some of the older games the kiddies like don't seem to work on XP, even with the emulation mode (or whatever it's called?). Also,some manufacturers of scanners and other peripherals won't support stuff sold only a fews ago with new drivers for XP. They'd rather you buy the new device just to driver. So to upgrade to XP you're also forced to replaced perfectly good working hardware (or hunt something up from

    XP 2000+
    MSI KT3 ULTRA-2 KT333
    Maxtor 60GB ATA 133 7200RPM
    512MB PC2700
    ABIT G4 Ti4200 OTES 64MB
  6. If it's free I take it, windows is free isnt it??
    ermm... yea, free.

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  7. yeah you would think MS might eb nce and share the code for 95 and 98 as they discontinued it, they should after all the price gouging they did (and do). After all win XP and longhorn are the next generation stuff and good so they say. (i disagree at least so far). why fear releasing the code bill? why????

  8. Yea right, that would reveal all the secrets to longhorn.

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  9. I had 98se on one computer just because I didn't want to buy a new printer and Canon refused to release XP drivers.

    That printer has died though and with it goes 98se.

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  10. I have a HP Deskjet 810C, and the only reason i stick to 98se is that (don't know if it is configurable), shadows always appear on printed TEXT and can't find a way to remove that shadow.

    Another is XP is just nothing but interface and slight stability. I worked with 98SE for almost more than 4 years.

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  11. <""*MS might eb nce and share the code for <b>95 and 98</b>*..

    *Yea right, that would reveal all the <b>secrets to longhorn</b>.*"">

    LOL, that was a funny one

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  12. Pretty much all HP products are supported under XP. I know I have an old 9300 series burner and it gets recognized by XP. My printer will also get recognized. It's a 930C so you shouldn't have problems with that.

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