Need help optimizing my new laptop for gaming.

I have a HP Envy m6 1105 laptop that i bought from bestbuy and i was wondering if anyone had experience or just knew how to optimize it for gaming. I know it has the capabilities to get better fps than I'm getting now. Its running windows 8. If you need anymore info just ask. Thanks!
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  1. What kind of FPS are you getting now?
  2. Well when im playing in 1377x? (Max resolution of the laptop) i get around 10-20 fps on new games (black ops 2, spec ops frontlines, sniper elite v2) and i hit random lag spikes a lot. When i turn the resolution down it runs a lot smother but everything is pixely. I have AMD Catalyst Control. Is there anyway to boost the preformance of this laptop to run game better on the highest resolution?
  3. You might see what turning down the eye candy does. In particular, see what no/less anti aliasing does for/to you.
  4. The funny part is i dont mess with the settings at all. Its the recommended settings for my computer that the game sets. Thats why i was wodering if theres anyway to help with the lag because my computer should be able to handle these games fine according to the games.
  5. I bookmarked this thread because I knew it will become helpful in the future:

    Read it from top to bottom until you understand everything, then proceed with the changes.

    Also, in the graphics settings make sure that you start on everything low at the resolution you'll be gaming then adjust texture settings as high as you can while maintaining good performance, then if the game performs well based on your likings proceed to change the other settings. Also, make sure you have the latest drivers from AMD.
  6. How dangerous/risky is it to overclock your system. I havnt been in the pc gaming area in years so this is new to me. Could you please explain to me what this does and how risky it would be?
  7. that system isnt really a powerhouse for gaming purposes's, so you are going to have to go in and manually turn down the in-game settings until you find game play is acceptable.
  8. Finally got it to work. My problem was with vsync i turned it off and im able to turn the graphics to very high and play on my laptops resolution! Thanks everyone for you help
  9. Theres a little screen tearing but honestly its not that noticeable and it doesnt bug me at all
  10. so what fps are you getting now?
  11. Also im using the high performance power option but with the settings all the way up im getting 20-30 fps with vsync off and 8-15 fps with it on
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