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Back light or Inverter?


I have an Acer Aspire 5736z-4016 laptop. A couple of months ago, the screen stopped working properly. Whenever I turn it on, the screen turns black after a few seconds.

If I use a flashlight I can see and it works fine when I plug it into a monitor screen, but is inconvenient. I was wondering whether the back light, inverter or perhaps a loose wire is the cause of the problem?

I also opened up the plastic surrounding the screen (after looking at some videos) and is there anything I should be looking for that isn't normal? Like what does a bad inverter look like? Or a loose wire? And how would I go about fixing it?

Thank you!
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    A bad inverter will look the same as a good inverter , though it just won't work
    Generally it is the inverter that goes on LCD type screens (LED screens do not have an inverter at all)
    They are cheap enough on ebay to buy one and just try swapping it
    if your backlights are dead (rare) you have to reaplace the LCD panel
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  4. If your technical expertise is not too high, I would recommend taking it to a repair shop. Inverters are sometimes difficult to diagnose if you have never worked with them before. Moreover, they are very high voltage and without the proper safety equipment can be quite dangerous.

    Without seeing your equipment first hand it is difficult to say what is wrong. Generally it's the inverter which dies, but again, hard to day.
  5. If the inverter has gone bad, there is rarely a visual sign of the failure. A bad one looks just like a good one to the naked eye.

    Replacing the inverter is easy if you have already opened up the plastics around the screen. Plus, it's one of the cheap parts to replace. It's as simple as unplugging the old inverter and plugging a new one in it's place. Always remove the battery, unplug and drain power before (un)plugging anything internally!

    If you have a local computer repair shop (not Best Buy - look for a place that only exists locally :) ) they could have a tester that can tell if the backlight inside the screen is bad.
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