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After doing a repair on my XP sp2, I was looking for
my Application Data directory under:

C:\Documents and Settings\myname\Application Data

and it is no longer 'present', however Thunderbird seems to
work and find it just fine. It says my inbox is located underneath
this path (in the thunderbird settings).

What gives? The properties attribute on 'myname' directory appears
normal (hidden is NOT checked).

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    Ok Nevermind. Once again, Microsoft decided to hide
    the directory by default. UGH, I so hate that! Then it takes you X
    amount of time to find out where the control is to disable or enable
    whatever it is so you can do the one simple thing you needed to do in
    the first place!!!
    How this OS continues to do so well I will never know.

    Clue to Microsoft, let the user have access to data, after all it IS
    their computer. There's already enough warnings everytime you try to
    change something. If a user doesnt know by then, its their own fault.
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