ATI Radeon 8500 Problems, Please help

I bought an ati radeon 8500 about a week ago and i can't get everything working. I am running an athlon 1.2Ghz on an iwill mobo with the Ali Magic 1 chipset. has anyone heard about compatability issues with this mobo, or chipset?
text is garbled and messiah, max payne, and aquanox all cause problems.
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  1. did you do a clean install with ati cd i have a radeon and they recomend no drivers preinstalled just install card then reboot place in cd and follow dir but if not
    go here and you get ati's support
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  2. Your best bet is to go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. A very friendly community that will be able to help you out :smile: .
  3. Did you install the updated drivers? The supplied drivers have a flaw that prevents them from working on many AMD systems, the new driver (available on ATI's website) fixes that and many other issues.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. Yeah i tryed the new drivers and i have tryed winxp, 98 SE, and ME, all with every combination of drivers possible, i also tryed installing a new agp driver for my motherboard and that also did not solve the problem. Thanks for the help though
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