Are sims 3 pc games compatiable with toshiba satelite l305d

Hello how are you? i wanted to know if the Sims 3 pc games compatible with Toshiba Satelite L305D-5900. I wanted to download my Sims 3 pc games to a flash drive so I can play it on more than 1 computer, but I wanted to make sure that I would be able to before downloading it to my laptop.
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  1. I highly doubt it .....that laptop doesnt meet the minimum requirements for the sims 3,but dont let that stop you from trying.....your not that far off in specs
  2. Well, it does kinda meet the minimum system requirements, but don't expect great performance. Also from what I've read, the more expansions you install the more demanding the game will become. Therefore, if you are going to play Sims 3 don't rush out to buy all the expansions you want to get. Just buy Sims 3 itself and see how well it performs.
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