how to change which account XP starts up with

I have windows XP pro and recently did an online update.
The only problem is now windows xp automatically starts with as a generic "administrator" account I didn't even create. Originally I created only one account for windows named "Me" which is an administrator account.
Now when my computer starts I have to log out of the generic "administrator" account and log back in under the "Me" account.
How do I change it so that windows starts up with the "Me" acccount?

I also have a 2nd question. I installed windows XP a second time on another partition. I no longer need this particular installitin of windows. Before windows loads, my computer gives me the option to start windows xp, windows xp, or windows 98. How do I get rid of the windows in the other partition I don't need so that it does not show up on the OS choice screen?
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  1. Get TweakUI, it's under "Logon" options, google it.
  2. 1) start>run
    type 'control userpasswords2', no quotes
    Put a check on 'users must enter...' and restart computer.

    2)windows key+pause break key, advanced>settings for startup and recovery, click 'edit'. make sure you delete the 'multi(#)...' line that you don't need and save the file. But, if you're sure the other install is in a DIFFERENT partition (which I don't think is the case), you can just erase/reformat that other partition.
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