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MSI GT70onc Spare parts+Solution?

March 5, 2013 3:10:51 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing a huge problem with my MSI gt70 recently. Actually the laptop was knocked off slightly two months ago,this caused some screws to be damaged and eventually i guess it affected some components inside the laptop too. After the accident, i continued to use it as usual, but recently when i closed the lid, the screen became all black and was showing a slight dim light only,but the fans etc was all working properly,as i tested it via a vga cable on my external monitor.The laptop was sent to the technicians to be verified, once there ,they opened the case and now the laptop won't boot at all.According to the tech guys, there were micro cracks on the motherboard circuitry which were caused by the accident.. I was suspecting it was some inverter problem on the led panel,and was quite amazed when the laptop would not boot at all.

Is there some companies who provide motherboard for the MSI GT70 onc please? Or is there any other solution to wakeup the machine?

The specs of my machine:
Core i7 (3rd gen)
750gb HDD+128 GB SSD

Thanks :)