Gf3 - brand? 16:9? CX25871?

Hi! I am thinking of buying a GF3 Ti200, and I have found really cheap no-name ones here in Sweden (daytona??), is it worth a few bucks more to get a more known brand like.. Leadtek? Whats the difference? Also, anyone with a WideScreen TV that tried the 16:9 TV-output with the Conexant (CX258719) tv-chipset?
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  1. here in the us i would pay up to $30 more to get the better brand, but i'm not sure about Swedish money. some times they are good and they are cheap because of oem companies.

    wide screen was pretty good on my projector. i don't know about a tv, but they should be the same.

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  2. Hey. Thanks for yur reply. I'll probably go for Leadtek Graphics again :-).. And I guess that Santa won't care if it costs a few bucks more. :-) //anders
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