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Hi to everyone,

I'm looking for a notebook that can be expanded to 16 GB ram. I'm looking for a 14'' (I need a small one) that have a 2.5 sata disk that is easy to replace (Already have an SSD for it), and that can be expanded to 16 GB RAM.

I usually buy dell, and I look at Vostro 3460, that can be a viable solution, except that it supports only 8 GB of RAM from the user manual.

Some links (es: ) assure that Vostro is capable of running 16 gb of ram even if the manufacturer reports 8 GB maximum. It can be true or is it just a fake? (I've heard people telling that usually you can mount higher amount of RAM respect what declared by manufacturer, but you usually should try several RAM manifacturer to find one that runs fine).

Any suggestions?

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  1. Yea, It can hold 2x8GB of memory without a hitch. I had 12GB of memory in my DELL N5010 whereas it was advertised as 8GB max.
  2. Hi everyone,
    Hope your doing ok. Sorry for answering late. I just wanted to ask alkampfer if he finally upgraded his Vostro 3460 from 8GB to 16GB and if it worked.
    Thanks for your answer.
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