I have expired certificates in iexplorer 8 and how do fix/remove?

I have old certificates causing error 4107 CAPI2 and its driving me crazy super slow boot. After enabling logging I found that iexplorer.exe,consent.exeand WmiPrvSE.exe are causing issue I guess anyway in internet tools /certificates I have expired root authority/hardware compatibility certificate and a couple other that start with Verisign and can I remove or how to update/import valid or any other ideas?THANKS AGAIN!
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    do a google search on the error 4107 CAPI2 and you can read what others have done.
  2. Hey thanks for reply but I have started 75% of the recent forum threads. Give it a try type error 4107 CAPI2 and my username is savannahmick and I 've been everywhere on the net and I have narrowed down my issues to timestamps in a couple programs like internet explorer and consent.exe by enabling logging but the guy from microsoft told me to do this but didn't reply back after I sent info!Thanks Again!
  3. Time for a clean, reinstall of the OS!
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