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Intel HD 4000

So I have been searching for a laptop that is thin like the HP Envy's and under $700 at 14". Its been hard to find. I have been on Youtube lately and just for fun wanted to see what the Intel HD 4000 was capable of. It seems that the 4000 is capable of running a lot of games. Infact some of the gameplay i've seen look very smooth. I play the following games..

NBA 2K13
Guild Wars 2
Far Cry 3
Sleeping Dogs

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    Click link for some benchmarks:

    Beware that not all Intel HD 4000 graphic cores have the same performance. That is because they will have different clockspeed depending on which CPU model you are looking at. Click following link to see the specs for 5 different Ivy Bridge mobile CPUs. The Graphics Base Frequency varies from 350MHz to 650MHz. The Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency ranges between 850MHz and 1.3GHz.
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