Anyone else tried using PodBot for CS? I have a two comp network with my roommate, and we play coop against and with some bots. It's not a bad way to practice a bit. Runs really well too, and the bot skill is adequately adjustable.
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  1. back in the CS days, thats the only bot i use, i tried jumbot, rheobot....etc but they all suck. podbot is the best. playing one on one on nightmere and i got my ass kicked.
  2. i hate those bots. even on the highest setting they do stupid things. they shoot at you a few times and relocate, even if their spot was perfect, they relocate to a stupid spot, even if you just stand there, sometimes they will turn around and move on.

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  3. Yes but they also see through walls and know exactly when you will round a corner......they know when you are in vents when they shouldn't......lots of headshots too, even at lower settings. Then again they do act stupid a lot. It's just the limitations of the bot AI, which are to be expected, especially in free software.

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  4. old post revive. PODBOT is better than the rest. I am using it now at my GGC account. CS1.6
  5. Let it die with dignity...................
  6. * prods thread with stick *

    It's still twitching...
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