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I need to get a better screen (with the laptop ofcoarse;) caz my IBM A30's started to give me an eye strain (sometimes I spend about 10 to 12 hours infront of it). Can any body who plays with different laptops a lot point me to a solid TFT I can get with resolution close to be readable (10x7 is what I usually have, preferrably 12x10, but I did not see any of those res sizes anywhere but stand alone flat screens) 1400x1050 is too small for dayly reading/writing for me (I am not even talking about 16x12).


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  1. well a Idea You can always do what I do. I use are 32 Inch tv. Or 21 Inch monitor. And wireless mouse and keyboard.

    Only problem with that is you can t take the 32 inch tv with you where you go.

    But there differnt type of Laptops and differnt type of screens There like 5 or six versons os screens. To look at.
  2. At home I don't bother with laptop, I have PC for that, but I travel most of the time, so laptop is only thing I have. What kind of screens you are talking about, I thought they are mostly the same, but maybe some of them have a better bright/white ballance, so it will not strain the eyes, caz my screen is kind of yellowish, so i think thats why.

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  3. well I had to look into it my self and the list I got from upgrading and repairing Laptops was
    10 inch monitors
    VGA older computers
    SVGA older computers
    15 inch monitors
    XGA 85 pixels per inch
    SXGA 117 Pixels per Inch
    XGA 85 Pixels per inch
    WXGA 101 Pixels per inch
    Uxga 133 Pixels per inch
    Qxga 171 Pixels per inch
    wsxga 129 Pixels per inch
    Wuxga 147 Pixels per inch

    What I read the higher the pixels the better. But the higher the cost of the computer. It like my laptop
    Prostar 8794 I could of gotten a 17.0" WideXGA+ (1440 x 900) LCD. But at the last week before I was to get the laptop. Waiting for the cpu 3.4ee. I show my friend the Laptop And they had a upgrade for a 17" WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050) Super Gloss Active Matrix LCD. So I change to the wsxga. For it had more pixels and higher res.
  4. new graphics cards will allow you to alter the white balance and contrast of the LCD. if u have trouble reading then use the windows large fonts to magnify stuff. u can set it in display properties. if u are sure that u want to get a new lappy then just stay away from SXGA and above. XGA should allow you to read comfortably.

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  5. where were you such a long time, I completely forgot that I can adjust white ballance by drugging those Red/Green/Blue lines around (it was a long time since I was fixing monitors;) I was able to get a little whiter screen on A30 (Radeon 7500) so it is much softer now, heh. But still need to upgrade, need to upgrade, P3 1.13 is ok, but centrino for $500 additional will be better, I am thinking about T40 or something in that range (have to have IBM, my job requires having Titanium case, caz sometimes I even sleep on it:)

    PS: does manufacturers of the TFTs are different or someone puts them out for everybody, just want to find out if I should get something with Sony or Viewsonic made.

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  6. Glad to be of assistance.
    The ScreenSavers mentioned on one of their shows a few months ago something about replacing LCDs. Maybe you can do a search at their site.

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  7. Sorry if I missed this - but have you tried increasing your dpi? It helps


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  8. ""It helps""

    yeah, that is if I knew how to, maybe it would ;)

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  9. Display Properties >>> Settings >>> Advanced >>> General >>> Display (DPI Setting). Default is 96dpi - can up to 120, makes text bigger etc.

    Hope that "helps"


    Who's General Failure and why's he reading my disk?
  10. I don't need bigger text, I can see 1600x1200 easily, I thought you were talking about pixel settings (my stupid head;), it is just looks pixallated and that makes eye strain and I can't see well after few hours of staring at it. I can "stare" at my prime 5 years old 17" Dell crt whole day without even feeling tired, but that stupid tft makes me "go blind", I will sell it at the first chance.

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  11. sounds weird.. there really shouldn't be any pixelation at 1600x1200 - are you sure it's running at 1600x1200, and not some lower resolution?
  12. hehe, I have and use 10x7 most of the time, sometimes 12x10 when programming, I don't like tiny stuff. So, with that I can see the mesh (or net) of square pixels on my laptop (not the case on CRT).

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