Windows 8 secure boot would 'exclude' Linux

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  1. That would be just wrong. Like Apple locking their hardware to Apple OS only. But this time locking MS OS to all other hardware. We won't allow this to happen.
  2. Thats too bad it would alienate some of the most hardcore computer users.

    I wonder if hardware manufacturers feel that this is in their best interests.
  3. Good find!

    Most people who buy a system from an OEM will only ever run windows on the pc!

    Besides, if this is in the UEFI, can the Mobo makers just not5 make a Flash without this restriction, simple update and presto, anyOS!
  4. Microsucks claims this is UNTRUE!
  5. beenthere said:
    Microsucks claims this is UNTRUE!

    Expect this to be another M$ double-talk, such as their "reduced functionality" bit which really means the machine won't do squat until you succumb to their extortion.
  6. Wait... maybe it's a Microsucks "feature" ?
  7. Then again, since the majority of Linux user build their own desktop, I really see this not applying for it's a feature on the motherboard, not the OS. I can see the top-tier manufactures (Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, etc) allowing this feature to be changed, save on OEM boards where the majority of people buying OEM machines just use what is installed anyway.
  8. Also once the linux nerds get their hands on it its only a matter of time before there is a work around. 5$ says that a week after release someone will get linux dual booting on there.

    Remember when it was impossible to run Mac OS on windows hardware?
  9. I think that they are doing this to stop windows boot loader a get around for windows activation. I predict that they will fail in this.
  10. I don't want secure boot in my build which I implemented as a dual boot system. Thus, I don't think I will upgrade to M$ W8 Pro. However, I may upgrade my Toshiba laptop can't use "secure boot' according to W8 upgrade assistance. M$ W8 seems to suck more than I originally thought.
  11. This is awesome. They're finally bringing true security into the PC world. I know many of you don't truly understand the issue, but this is a significant step in the direction of good security for Microsoft and their business platform.

    I know about this a few months ago and I'm waiting for it to be released.
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