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Does anyone have any experience with a Dell Power Edge T110 for a small in home office? All reviews I've read have been good. For me the best part would be the support both hardware and software and anyone have any experiences with that?

newbusguy (almost)
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  1. It supports tons of software and hardware, but it would be so much cheaper to build one of equal specs. the big advantage from buying servers from large companys like dell is when it comes to multi cpu configurations, wich the t110 is not.
  2. The T110 can have good value for a single socket server system, but it comes down a lot to your needs. One thing to be careful of is the "additions" or "upgrades" as often those can be much more expensive through Dell directly than to purchase on your own. For instance, the cost that they charge (last time that I checked) for a single license of Server 2012 Standard was nearly $1,000. You can purchase an OEM license of Server 2012 Standard yourself on Newegg or a large list of other resellers for as little as $750 sometimes. Same goes for server memory.
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