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I'm trying to decide on which video card to use but lack knowledge as to this area.I'm looking for a card to use for mainly gaming and surfing.I've got 2-3 hundred $ set aside strictly for this piece of hardware.I've looked at Hercules and Elsa but need some input from other users.Appreciate the help.
Here is the system highlights I'm using:
amd 1.3 cpu
epox 8ka mobo
maxtor 60 gig hdd
plextor cd-rw
toshiba dvd
windows 98
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  1. if you're looking to spend $200 to $300 (US dollars im asuming) for a vid card...i'd think about getting one of the geforce3 cards (gf3 ti200, gf3, or gf3 ti500) or an ati radeon 8500.
    it'll help if you tell us what OS you're running, especially if you're running windows xp (bah!!)
    if you are runing win xp, then i would suggest getting any one of the gf3 cards (preferrable the gf3 ti500) because their current drivers perform better than the R8500 xp drivers.
    if you're runnign anything other than xp, than it's mainly a toss up between the gf3 and R8500.
    if you can find a gf3 ti500 for less than $ all means get it.
    other than that...all i can say if whatever card is cheapest (pricewise), get that card.

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  2. You really should do a search of this forum. That question has been answered a number of times.

    My short answer though: Get a visiontek GeForce 3 Ti200.
  3. whoops...i seemed to have over-looked the win98 statement (or word)...anyways...
    looks like its the battle for the cheapest vid card

    I don't claim to know anything about everything, I just tell people what I know.
  4. You know, I reckon go for the ATI RAdeon 8500. . But the Radeon has proven itself against the GF3 in most areas, and don't forget they haven't released nearly as many final drivers as nVidia. They got a lot of really cool features (in my eyes) that the GF3 doesn't especially when playing back DVD's and stuff.

    I personally would wait until nVidias next release, and then see. but still go with the Radeon

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