Refurbished laptops OS upgrade?

So do you guys think that laptops that are sent for repairs are upgraded to Windows 8 automatically?
The same way when you send a phone in,you get it with the latest updates.

Well I want Windows 8,but do not want to pay for it.
Having to pay to upgrade from 7 seems like wasting money.

So if the laptops have Windows 8 drivers made,will they possibly have Windows 8 pre-installed?
The $30 upgrade feature is gone I believe.(expired)

Anyone gotten one like that?
I liked how the key is in the bios so you don't have to input the key anymore.
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    nope. they are not going to give it for free.
  2. Okay thanks.Guess I'll stick with Win 7 for now.
    To clarify I bought refurbished laptop,but was not sure what it would have installed.
  3. it won't, that's like cheating :)

    it's not like ios or android where you dont pay for the OS
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