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I have a win7 64 pro machine I just built. I'm using a dlink dp-300u print server to access an hp 6L printer on my network. I can install the hp and it will work until I reboot, then all print jobs for the HP hang until I uninstall then reinstall it. Any way of making this survive a reboot? Works fine with the other XP machines on my network
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  1. I have the same issue with an HP laserjet 1020. My other two printers, which are rigged to my desktop, as well as the 1020 work just fine when I print from the desktop. However, when I print from another computer, only the other 2 work instantly, i.e. a reboot will allow the 1020 to print.

    What driver versions are available for that specific printer, i.e. XP, Vista or both? I haven't tried it, but perhaps a different driver version will work, i.e. instead of the XP driver, try the Vista driver if there is one.

    I guess it depends on the specific printer model in question.
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