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I want to ask those who know, I found something strange on the net when I was looking for my next vga card. I found that hercules GF2 Ti (8GB/s) has more memory bandwidth than others (6.4GB/s) with same GPU. Is it because of the memory used?


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  1. It's the speed of the memory, somebody do the math for me, I'm lazy.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. lol, 8GB/s is faster than 6.4GB/s by 1.6GB/s. Do you see now? Information can move faster on and off the RAM.

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  3. Well, that is what i'm thinking about. The GF2ti running at 250/400 rite, let say it uses 5ns memory. And let say it can be oced to 250/460 with a proper colling. Then the hercules one u all said it uses faster memory rite, let say 4.5ns, then can i oc it to 250/480 (let say)?


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  4. Well yes as it is faster memory it should handle a clock speed which is greater than the slower memory, once overclocked (Common sense) How much faster is impossible to say as it varies from case to case, card to card...

    But basically it is faster memory so it will handle greater speeds !


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