ATI Radeon 8500 vs Geforce 3 ti 500

Ok... i got money to spend =). Im a pretty hardcore gamer i spend many hours playing quake 3 arena. What card do you think is better. I dont want a automatic GF3 just becuase everyone else is saying that. If u think GF3 is better give me some facts why. Im leaning toward the ATI Radeon 8500 right now but if someone can change my mind about GF3 id get that. Give me your opinions on what is a better card for gaming. I dont care about price.
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  1. just a question...if you already want an R8500...why are you posting in question between the gf3 ti500 and the R8500?
    if you want the radeon....just get the radeon.'s a tip (this is purely opiniative...i think i spelled that wrong)
    gf3 ti500 = bragging rights
    R8500 = "i wanna be different"

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  2. I asked for facts, not opinions. I said I was leaning twards the Radeon, not biased twards it. I want facts on which is the better buy for a gamers graphics card.
  3. i cant really depends on your system configuration and OS (more OS than sytem though).
    anyways...since i dont know what your system is...ill just do this blind:
    both cards will run great on both AMD and intel processors.
    sinces you're going to play quake would want the card that'll give better framerates.
    the differences in framerate between the two cards is negiable (ie...the gf3 gets 190.1 fps and R8500 gets like 189.9).
    now...if you're running windows xp (bah!! :mad: ) may want to consider the gf3.
    currently...the drivers for the gf3 for win xp are better the the ones on the R8500 (keep in mind that ATI will come out with updated drivers).
    otherwise....the performance is the same on any other OS.
    this would be easier for me if i told you to get the R8500 because it is almost $100 (US dollars) cheaper than the gf3 ti500...since you said price doesnt matter...i dont know what to tell you.
    or you can do what i did...coin out of 3 :wink: and read <A HREF="" target="_new"> this </A>

    :mad: <A HREF="" target="_new">P4 + SDRAM</A> = <b>BAD</b> :mad:
  4. The driver support for the 8500 is lacking, but the product is still fairly new, and I imagine support in XP for the 8500 will improve, esp. since there is a scheduled driver release coming up very soon. For features and better image quality, go for the 8500. For raw speed and performance, go for the GF3.

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  5. i think you have to ask yourself if it's worth the money to pay the extra for a GF3 Ti500 which will end up performing similar to a Radeon8500, if not the Radeon8500 actually beating it with the release of the new drivers coming up before New Year's (cross fingers).
    ATI just released an update for their DVD player, so they are working on known problems and trying to get things working better. some developers who are making 3rd party cards have already been given the new Radeon drivers, but ATI is still tweaking them before a public release i suspect.
    i would guess the Radeon drivers should be smoking and super-stable by the end of January or start of February. then you can look forward to the Radeon8500 Maxx or Ultra or whatever they'll call it.

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  6. Thanks for all your help guys =) keep postin though I havn't made my mind up yet heh. If you find anything new that is going on with the two cars lemme know in here please.
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