yet another "what card should i get" question

ok, im gettin a athelon xp 1700 system soon and i need a new vid card. the most important thing that i want is tv out(really good resolution). Right now i have a really old ati card and its resolution on my monitor is locked at 640X480 when the tv is hooked up(huge pain). I do play a few games but incredible preformance is not a huge deal. also, cheap and i will overclock a bit.

what should i get?

and thanks

can't beat the AMSTRAD
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  1. i think a good card for video out with correct performances (not for hardcore gamers) & cheaper is an ATI Radeon VIVO 64Mb for about 160$

    but it's depend of your budget, if it's under, this is another history

    you have also Asus which make good gc video out card like Asus 7700 deluxe but with a little bit less quality for video but with a little bit more performances

    note: it's not athelon XP but Athlon XP

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    I would like to Invest for my PC !!
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  2. details details.... atelon Athlon

    what about addon cards, are those superior or not worth the money?

    can't beat the AMSTRAD
  3. tell me your gc budget to precis your need

    EasyInfo :cool:
    I would like to Invest for my PC !!
    ok, buy nothing.
  4. What do you mean by "addon cards"?

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  5. im not sure of my buget, probibly 200 - 250 canadian

    and by addon card i mean like an adaptor card like from ati that would convert vga to rca thingy

    can't beat the AMSTRAD
  6. Well Asus's V7100PRO has TV out up to 1024x768. Thats higher than any TV out youll get with standard TV out that other brands give. Its a geforce2mx400 based card and it sells for about $103 w/ shipping from I don't know if all of Asus's cards can put out that kind of TV out res but i know that one can. So you might check some of their other geforce2/3 cards if performance is an issue.
  7. Well if it's $200-250 CAD, then the ATI Radeon 8500DV is out of your price range.

    In general ATI has better TV-out than nVidia. nVidia also has a little "bug" that you can have tv-out or monitor-out, but not both at the same time.

    A Radeon with Hydra vision is what you're looking for. You might be able to afford an <A HREF="http://""" target="_new">ATI Radeon 7500</A>, which is about as good as a high-end GF2. If you also want to do video-in then you would be better off with an <A HREF="http://""" target="_new">ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 32</A>, but it's 3d performance is more like a low end GF2.

    As for an add on card, most of these are VIVO (video in and video out). They can all be used simultaniously with TV and monitor. I haven't looked into these much though, and so will offer no opinion.

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