What's with DVD copy protection on PS2?

(Sorry if this has been asked before; I don't see how to do a search of the forum)

My friend recently got a PS2, so we hooked it up to a TV through a VCR, since this TV only has an RF input.

One really old DVD plays fine, but we rented a recent one, and the picture fades in and out. Is this the copy protection? Is it built into the DVD player, the VCR, or both?

Note that the PS2 manual does warn that going through a VCR can produce poor video quality when playing DVDs.

Lastly, is there any sort of device I can put the signal through to fix this? Do they work well?

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  1. It's macrovision copy protection. It's on the CD, in the dvd player circuit and in the vcr circuit. If you can find a really old vcr it won't have the macrovision circuit build in. If you hook the dvd player directly to a TV you won't have the problem. Search the internet for "macrovision" to see what's out there. There are dvd players available without the macrovision protection circuit, but they are expensive. The cheapest I have seen is $300.

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