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Windows Media Center Crashes on startup

Hi, i just installed windows 7 beta 64-bit version yesterday.... everything works perfectly fine besides WMC. I've been trying to run windows media center but it instantly crashes saying "Windows Media Center has stopped working." Is there anyway to fix this or reinstall WMC without having to completly reinstall the operating system? Note, this has happened from a fresh install, I tried running WMC before I installed any programs and the same thing happened.

my setup:
core 2 duo 2.4ghz
Asus P5B motherboard
2x1gig G.Skill 800mhz ram
EVGA GeForce 7600GT 256MB it's oldish, but not that old
running windows 7 on a seperate 60 gig hdd

I also tried updated my graphics card drivers and WMC still crashes.

Thanks for the help, xJedix
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