Windows 7: 2 channel upmixing

Why does xp up-mix 2 channel audio to 5.1 without a sound card and Windows 7 cannot? Speaker fill is not an option, because it sounds awful. Could realtek just update the drivers? Also whats required to get this upmix in windows 7?
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  1. there is a thread in the "seven-forums" that's been going on since January of this year, and im sure there are countless other threads since vista came out with the same problem, cause it does the same thing. I think we will just have to wait until windows 7 is out and the people can start complaining about this and maybe Microsoft will get on realtek or maybe its realtek thats waiting on Microsoft to change something or add something. We will have to wait and see i suppose.
  2. I swear i used these plugins before for winamp but i tried them all again, and works great for a temporary fix until realtek fixes the problem. just thought I'd share.
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