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I'm conducting research on cloud computing and would really appreciate it if you'd take a few minutes to complete my survey at

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  1. I would have helped you out, but I try to avoid cloud services as much as possible, and many of the questions didn't seem to apply to me. :(
  2. Hello.. I am Sharon from Newyork. Cloud Computing research this is the best topic to given the latest knowledge about. in 2017 cloud computing determine a scalable services consumption dealing podium in the field of Services Computing.basically in 2017 cloud computing has 3 level:-
    1: Software Cloud
    2: -Application Cloud
    3: -Business Cloud
    in 2017 cloud computing focus the researchers, practitioners and industry business in the following areas:-
    a: -Architecture and Design Pattern
    b: -Infrastructure, Application, Business, Social, and Mobile Clouds
    c:-Storage, Data, and Analytics Clouds
    d:-Self-service Cloud Portal, Dashboard, and Analytics

    thanks ....
    Regards :-
    Sharon Maxwell
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