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What would be a good graphics board for an older system with a K6-3 450 and only a 1x agp slot? I was looking at Mx 400s but was thinking radeon7200 maybe? or would a ddr board work well? Or would a ddr board work at all?I just need a few opinions on what would be a good card that would keep that computer current for games. Price is not an issue but i know a Gf-3 is not going to perform much better than a gf2 mx.
System specs are as follows: mobo= matsonic ms6260s ali aladin V chipset based, 250watt AT ps. Everything else shouldnt really affect compatibility but all i know is that my geforce DDR doesnt work in it.
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  1. Time for a complete upgrade.
  2. well its not my main system but i dont want to scrap it since i use it for Lan games. I just need to know what would be a good card for a cpu this slow. Something under $100 preferably.
  3. Visiontek GF2 GTS-V xtasy would be the best bet for 70 bucks. That includes shipping.
  4. Yeah Ive been lookin at that one and thinkin of buying one for my p3 500. The only thing is i dont know if geforce 2s or any ddr board for that matter work with the aladin V chipset since ive had trouble with geforceddrs in the past. Guess i could buy it and see if it works and if it doesnt just slap it in my 500.
  5. It's not an incompatability with the chipset, it's a problem with the amount of power a Super 7 board can supply to the AGP port. The original GeForce 256 DDR drew far too much electrical current. The GTS draws less power do to it's smaller die process. Be aware that the GTS-V is much slower than a standard GTS.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  6. i had a feeling it might be power related, thanks for the tip, and yes i know that the v is slower than a standard gts, but i heard it can be overclocked to normal gts levels easily. What about a KyroII based card?
  7. Kyro II=Bad idea for anything slower than 1GHz, since some of it's 3D features are done by the CPU instead of the card.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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